The CyberWIDE program, a Special Interest Group (SIG), is committed to advancing Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity within the cyber community. Embracing diverse work teams and environments yields demonstrably stronger outcomes in advancing cybersecurity technologies and services. Ultimately, fostering greater diversity, inclusivity, and equity within cybersecurity teams benefits both industry providers and consumers, helping to bridge resource gaps. As such, CyberWIDE is dedicated to developing North Texas ISSA members and guests through educational initiatives, networking opportunities, and mentoring programs. 

Diversity of Thought = Innovation = Business Differentiator


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Terrell "TJ" Jackson

President & Owner

Culture Fits


Anthony Williams

Member of the Board of Technology Advisors

MR2 Solutions, Inc.


Heather Hepler

SVP The People Team


Topic:  How to Get the Job

Date:  02/21/2024                  Time:  6:00p - 8:00p

Location:  The Wine Authority, 508 W Lookout Dr. Suite 23, Richardson, TX 75080