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North Texas ISSA is the largest and one of the most active ISSA Chapters in the world with over 4,000 people on our mailing list and 500+ active members representing over 150 businesses, many of which are Fortune 500 companies headquartered in North Texas.  One of our goals in 2023 is to double our membership and expand our marketing outreach to over 10,000 IT and Cybersecurity Professionals in North Texas.  The year 2022 was North Texas ISSA’s biggest growth year in our 10 year history.  We increased our membership by 25% and experienced record levels of attendance and sponsorship at our programs across the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.  

Please see Appendix A for companies and titles demographics information at the end of the prospectus. 

2023 Sponsorships

In 2023 the North Texas iSSA is continuing the going community engagement model for sponsors that promotes repeated opportunities to meet with our members in a casual social setting that promotes trust and relationship development. Season Sponsorships run on a 12-month term that begins on the signature date. 

Sponsorship Tables

Program Descriptions

Based on member feedback we are trying to align our sponsors to broad categories this year.  Please provide feedback if your category expertise does not align with one of our Season ProgramTopics  so we can consider it for inclusion. 


Season Topics

NTX ISSA Lunch & Learn Series

In 2023 we are continuing our Lunch & Learn Series for its 11th year on the Third Thursday of each month.  Our in-person Lunch and Learn has been trending to 100+ attendees regularly.   We request that sponsors allocate funds or swag for prize drawings in the range of $300-$500.  In addition NTX ISSA  generally budgets for $250 worth of prizes. 

Lunch and Learn Program Formats

Experts Dialogue

Experts Panel  (best audience engagement!)

Hands-On Series

We are providing afternoon and/or evening hands-on events that qualify for CPE credits for members looking to sharpen their technical skills. The events would feature  labs, Capture The Flag (CTF), and Hack The Box style events.    These are generally 2-3 hour events.  As a new program we are looking to work closely with our sponsors to design educational and engaging content.

CyberWIDE (Women, Inclusion, Diversity, & Equity)

CyberWIDE is our special interest group for Women, Inclusion, Diversity & Equity.  Prior years have included happy hours, networking events and lunch-and-learn activities.  Sponsors are encouraged to assist in leading the discussion.  Events are either virtual or in person.

Cyber Patriot Venture Crew

In 2023, we are building on our early stage Scouts BSA, Venture Crew for youth education in Cybersecurity.  We are looking for experts to be technical mentors and coaches to Cyber Patriot teams across the metroplex and would love to have your  experts participate virtually or in-person for these events.  They are not considered a part of the sponsorship program.

Happy Hour

Once per Month we invite our members, vendors, and guests to enjoy  a fun and social atmosphere.  We are hosting these gatherings at  upscale venues and distilleries, working closely with sponsors.   Last year we received great responses from our Distillery Tours and Behind the scenes at at the Ranger's Ballpark.

Cybersecurity Conference 11 (CSC11)

North Texas ISSA will be hosting the annual Cyber Security Conference 11 (NTXISSA CSC11) in September/October 2023. NTXISSA CSC11 is North Texas’s largest cyber security conference. NTXISSA CSC11 is the best way for sponsors to connect with cyber security professionals in the region and help drive cyber security education.

The 11th annual NTXISSA CSC will bring together some of the brightest minds in the industry, from a multitude of backgrounds. It is a professional environment where one can connect, share, be inspired, create opportunities, job hunt, gain career advice, and grow. 

COMMUNITY IMPACT: All proceeds from the conference will benefit the Collin College Cyber Security Scholarship. In 2021, NTXISSA donated $21,000 to the scholarship fund with the help of our generous sponsors. These funds go directly to the students.  The 2022 donation is $35,000!  We can't wait to beat it in 2023!!  

ATTENDEES: In 2022, the NTXISSA annual conference drew 522+ attendees from the DFW area, and NTXISSA CSC11 is expected to bring together a similar number, if not more.  NTXISSA will advertise the conference to its email base of over 4,000 subscribers. We may even need to find a larger venue.  

Last year’s NTXISSACSC10 attendance breakdown was as follows: 

SPONSORSHIP:  Due to facility space, Sponsorship opportunities are limited and sell-out quickly. Please see below for the cost and benefits of the various levels offered.


Season Sponsorship Options


NTXISSA CSC11 will be an in-person event with security community and vendor presentations followed by real-time Q&A opportunities; each session should last approximately 40 minutes. All attendees are invited to an 8:00 AM real-time kickoff and a lunchtime CISO panel. Sponsors should fit their topics into one of the five tracks listed below where possible.  We may add additional tracks as the content solidifies. 

Content Tracks - Being Finalized for 2023

Data we share about our attendees

Please review our corporate demographics in Appendix A for Attendee Titles and Companies